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Red Secret

The origin of the Fundraiser

Red Secret is a unique project of Red Women Foundation that celebrates the silent powerhouses – women with exceptional skills and positions who are making significant contributions to the betterment of society. These incredible individuals choose to remain anonymous, letting their actions speak louder than words.
Red Secret embodies the belief that empowerment takes various forms. Our women exemplify strength, resilience, and the subtle power of making a difference without seeking the spotlight. Their contributions stand as a testament to the positive impact that can be made without the need for personal recognition. Engaged in philanthropy, mentorship, community development, law, and IT expertise, they collaborate to develop remarkable projects for the Red Women Foundation worldwide.

‘It is a silent empowerment and we focus on the positive change Red Secret’s women can bring to society, considering them as heroes shaping a better future. ‘

Alexandra Epure
Projects Manager at Red Women Foundation


Our approach is rooted in fostering creativity, collaboration, and innovation to address pressing issues in our communities. Through dynamic brainstorming sessions, we explore diverse perspectives, generate innovative ideas, and develop strategic solutions to tackle social challenges effectively. Our ideation process is inclusive, welcoming input from individuals, organisations, and stakeholders passionate about making a difference. By channeling the collective creativity and expertise of our community, we strive to implement impactful initiatives that create lasting change.


After the ideation phase, comes the crucial process of refining and implementing our ideas. At Red Women Foundation, we understand the importance of turning innovative concepts into actionable plans that yield tangible results. During the processing stage, we carefully evaluate each idea, considering its impact, and alignment with our mission. Through strategic planning and collaboration, we develop comprehensive strategies to bring our initiatives to life. Our team works diligently to refine the details, allocate resources efficiently, and establish clear goals and timelines. We prioritise transparency and accountability throughout the process, ensuring that every step is taken with purpose and integrity. By meticulously processing our ideas, we transform vision into reality, making meaningful strides towards our mission of creating positive change in our communities.


During the create phase, our team works tirelessly to execute our plans with precision and excellence. We leverage our resources, networks, and expertise to implement projects that address the needs of our communities effectively. From organising events and workshops to launching projects and implementing sustainable solutions, we embrace creativity and adaptability every step of the way. Through hands-on involvement and proactive leadership, we ensure that our initiatives make a meaningful impact and inspire positive change. Together, let's create a brighter future for all.


As we near the completion of our projects, we enter the crucial phase of finalisation. We are committed to ensuring that every initiative reaches its full potential and delivers meaningful outcomes for our communities. During the finalization phase, our focus is on refinement, evaluation, and celebration of our achievements. We conduct thorough assessments to measure the impact of our projects, gathering feedback from stakeholders and beneficiaries to inform our future efforts. As we celebrate the successful completion of our projects, we also look ahead with optimism and determination. We recognize that our work is ongoing, and we remain committed to continuous improvement and innovation in our efforts to create positive change. We extend our sincere gratitude to all who have contributed to the success of our projects, whether through their time, resources, or expertise. Your support has been invaluable in making our vision a reality.